About Japheth

saturday-in-the-parkJewish by family tradition, Humanist in spirit. I am respectful of the religious minded so long as they are respectful in return.

Intelligent, educated, experienced, and always curious about anything and everything. If it exists, I want to know everything I can about it and enjoy the learning process along the way.

Perceptive, insightful, and understanding enough to realise there is always much more to be understood. Compassion is my key.

Articulate, advocate, and an educator, constantly improving my skills as a communicator on the behalf of those who are marginalised.

Gender variant man, acutely self aware, and a strong listener enabling me to experience life in an infinitely multifaceted way.

I am so grateful for the encouragement of my friends and family who have inspired me to start blogging again. This blog would also not be possible without the help of Holly who previously helped me with editing, formatting, and being there for me when I needed her most. May she rest in peace.

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my little snippet of the Internet. Feel free to comment on things I have posted and don’t forget to follow, share, and subscribe!


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